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Contest Winners Sept 23-30th!

Contest Winners Oct 1st-7th

Contest Winners Nov 5th-11th!

Contest Topics of the Week

Congrats to the winners of week Nov 5th - Nov 11th!


http://dreamuntilyoumakeit.tumblr.com/ - best in blue!

 http://ijustneedsomehelphere.tumblr.com/ - best in halloween contest!

  http://absurdalpacas.tumblr.com/ - best in hat!

 http://relive-the-dead.tumblr.com/ - best in winter sweater!

All these wonderful winners will now be promoted on my page for everyone to see, and are the best in their contest! Everyone also has been reblogged! Congrats everyone!

Don’t be afraid to participate in this weeks contest!

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